Wednesday, 14 June 2017



Exhibition "Spring in Gomel"


Is considered to be the largest regional exhibition event in Belarus. The opportunity to place their collective stands, each with an area of 50 square meters, was given to the companies of the Italian region of Lombardy, the Moldovan region of Gagauzia, Bryansk and Kursk regions of Russia. During the exhibition, three business zones were organized for negotiations. Its participants had an opportunity to establish business contacts, exchange experiences with other manufacturers, and conduct master classes. Visitors will be able to get free consultations on law, expertise and evaluation. During the exhibition, the festival of masters "Gomel Spring" was held. 01/06/2017.



Detergents for the processing industry.


Unitary Enterprise "Kalinkovichi Factory of Household Chemical" is pleased to offer a means intended for washing and disinfection of technological equipment, communications and industrial areas at the enterprises of dairy, meat processing, canning, fish processing, poultry, confectionery industry, agribusiness companies, closed automated washing system (CIP-cleaning) at milking and livestock farms. Effectively removes fat and protein contamination.


The plant mastered the production of household chemicals finger paints. 

Finger paints - a joint project of Kalinkovichi Factory of Household Chemical Company and "Toyland" .This kit is designed for the very young "artists" After all, most children master the drawing process is not a brush, namely fingers. It promotes the development of fine motor hand, imagination, creative thinking, improves color perception. And it means that our paint must be completely safe for children, do not contain any harmful substances.


 For agriculture. 

Our company started to produce tools for the sanitary processing of animals udder before and after milking the series "SUN asset." These funds are used for external treatment of the udder and teats of cows and other dairy animals prior to milking. Suitable for daily hygiene of the udder of animals. It is intended for protection against mastitis.


International Specialized Exhibition INTERBYTHIM.

The international exhibition forumInterExpo - 2017, which lasted from February 28 to March 2, 2017 in the Gostiny Dvor Moscow, completed its work.

During the work of the forum, it was visited by more than 2500 specialists in the production sector, distributors, representatives of wholesale and retail companies and retail chains, as well as end consumers.

 INTERBYTHIM is the only specialized international trade fair for companies engaged in the production and sale of household chemical goods and personal care products in the post-Soviet space.

For many years the concept of the exhibition has been expressed in one phrase: "From raw materials to the final product!", Which accurately reflects the meaning of the exhibition, where you can see the entire technological process of production and sales.

Here are the manufacturers and suppliers of raw materials, equipment, packaging and, of course, finished products.

A branch exhibition is a special channel for interaction between companies that are part of the industry community. The holding of such an event allows to maximally reveal the production potential of enterprises, demonstrate the points of application of efforts, attract not only new partners, but also investors.

The branch exhibition is also a busy business program, focused on the problems and tasks of a particular industry.